Congratulations!! your getting married

Engaged? What's next?

Take some time for yourselves! Take in the moment, soak in that "just got engaged feeling" then go announce it to the world! Take that ring selfie, #isaidyes!
Think about , What time of year? Locations Indoors or Outdoors?
Eloping? Have a small intimate wedding? check out my Elopement guide!
Having a large wedding? Need a wedding planner/coordinator? (ask me I have amazing planners I work with)
What is your vision
Set your date
and find your photographer! want more info?

Elopements | ideas and guides

Elopement Guide

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed about the planning process, I am here to help you!
Do what YOU want & where YOU want!!
Brainstorm your vision, sit down with your partner and really think about what your dream looks like.
Take into consideration the season (for weather)
Location/accommodations, do you need a permit? need to book a Airbnb, campsite, yurt, cabin, etc...
Vendors? I have a list ! if I am not local to the area I will help you find them.
Marriage license (all states differ)

timelines For Couples | without a first look

Wedding Timeline Examples

Examples for 6-8 hour wedding
Photographers arrive
Getting ready details (B&G) , bridal prep, finishing touches of HMU
Groom/Groomsmen Pictures
Bride/Bridesmaids Pictures
Bride gets tucked away, groom out to ceremony
Family photos
Wedding party photos, Bride and groom photos
Cocktail hour (during photos) I always try to bring B&G to be apart of this if they would like.
Reception & Party

Timelines for Couples | With a first look

Wedding Timeline Examples

Example 6-8 hour wedding
Photographers arrive
Getting ready details (B&G), bridal prep, finishing touches HMU
First Look, Bride & Groom Pictures
Wedding Party Portraits
Immediate Family Portraits
Extended Family Pictures, candid photos with wedding party, bride and groom
Cocktail hour (bride and groom to join)
Reception & Party


How and What to look for in your Wedding photographer

With so many of us in the wedding photography business, I know, it can be a real challenge to find your DREAM photographer. Think first about what style you you prefer. Spend time really looking through images and narrowing down what kind of imagery you love and what feels authentic to you and your partner. Do you prefer a more classic style that is timeless, and clean. Documentary, and a more photojournalist feel or more posed? Dark and moody or maybe more light and airy? I promise, there is a photographer out there for you! and remember, a lot of photographers may mix a few styles too.

Make sure to do a little homework on your photographer. Read & browse through all of their social media sites. Read through all of the reviews and ratings. Styled shoots and "fake" weddings are a HUGE thing with photographers that are looking to build their portfolios with beautiful curated images. Please make sure that you are asking to view REAL WEDDINGS! They are a totally different ball game then styled shoots. I pour my heart and soul and many many many hours and days into helping my couples plan, design and customize their weddings and elopements and know how much goes into not just the day of but the planning process too.

Set up an interview, in person, google meet, facetime, or phone call. You want to make sure that you and your partner have good vibes and a connection with your photographer. They will be a HUGE part of your day and leading up to it.

Ask all the questions you want. Ask for full albums to view! Because you want to make sure that your photographer is familiar with different lighting situations, details and what your images will look like after your wedding.

Compare packages, ask about second shooters/assistants, coverage, engagement sessions, deposit requirements, contracts, if they have back up (god forbid they need it) how long they have been in business, how many weddings they typically photograph, are they insured? (most venues ask for this coverage) When you will receive images, completed gallery, how many images they avg. per hour, vendor recommendations, and how they help prepare for your day (timeline)

And don't forget this is and will be the BEST DAY EVER!!!!

Engagement session vibes?


Hold each other, snuggle, kiss, hold hands. The more snuggley lovey-dovey you are the better!

When you look at an engagement picture or wedding pictures there is so much story to be told just by a simple touch. When in doubt wrap your arms around each other and let your interactions with each other say it all.


Yes, that's right. I said it. I know it contradicts e v e r y t h i n g you've ever been told; "hold still for the camera, sit still, don't move, look at the camera." Nope, not when your in front of my camera.

Movement creates a story. So walk together, twirl, dance, tickle, give each other eskimo kisses... any of it... all of it.


"But won't we look silly? Won't you get a lot of photos of us talking then that don't look good?

Yes and yes. But guess what? For every picture that doesn't really turn out how we want when your talking, there will be 3 more adorable ones of you talking and laughing and blushing and being totally absorbed in your conversation together. Nothing looks better on camera then actual emotion, genuine smiles and real laughter. 


"Get a little closer, little bit more"I know everyone is used to, look at the camera, SMILE! But throw that out the window. Look at your significant other. Smile at them. There's no way you can get too close to them. So wrap your arms around each other and, get a lil closer…


Be total goofballs. You wouldn't be marrying each other if you could make each other laugh until your sides hurt! Don't be afraid to show off your silly side by cracking jokes, tickling, making silly faces at each other because you will then have the giggles and I will be capturing those silly moments.

Use your session and all these tips above to remind each other how much you care about each other and how special the bond you share is. When you look back at your photos, I want you to look back and say to yourself, “ I know exactly what we were laughing about right here!” “We had so much fun this day”

Picture’s don’t have to be stressful, or posey, or awkward. Be yourselves. Be together. Be in love.

What do I wear!?!?

Wear what makes you feel good, and comfortable. Depending on where we are going. Bring one or two outfits they can be casual and/or dressy. I mean, my couples are known to jump into lakes, climb under waterfalls and I LOVE THAT!! If we are in the mountains I always suggest a jacket or sweater to have just Incase... wear a dress with hiking boots, or flats or sneakers or even better... go BAREFOOT! For the guys button downs, vests maybe a flannel, or sweater. If its winter...Bring Boots, snowshoes, micro spikes, poles, ski's, a snowboard, a sled or snowmobile, a canoe, a boat, heck id even go in a helicopter (thats actually on my bucket list) lol I mean why not?! whatever makes you happy!! Im totally down. . Bring some hats, gloves, have fun with it! Think L.L Bean ad! Spring and Summer shoots, be comfortable. wear a flowy dress, or a jeans and a fun top.

Some Great color pallets for the seasons: Winter colors, warm earth tones such as burgundy, reds, blues, mustards, ivory, whites, olives, grey, black. Spring colors are warm and fresh whites, blues, greens. Summer Color palettes soft whites, gray, navy, sky blues, greens, light yellows and pastels. Fall palettes carmels, navy, olive, copper, mahogany, ambers.

Extras to bring... a craft beer or bottle of champagne to pop open (fun photo too) whatever makes your tastebuds happy! 

Where can we go?

Lets go anywhere!! seriously though. I want you guys to have fun, laugh, and just be real. I want us to have an awesome day full of good times and good vibes! That I am totally photographing while you don't even realize I am. These moments collect your emotions, movements and real organic feelings.

Lets go for a hike, to a waterfall, in a forest, a field, a river or lake, on a boat ride, for a canoe ride (I was once in a canoe race fyi.. actually a few times) lol. Have a favorite brewery or coffee shop, or maybe a favorite spot in NYC? Brooklyn, the Catskills, the ADK's at an epic AIRBNB ( I have soooo many recommendations) state park, national park. You name it I will go! Even if you think hey, I wonder if Dawn will go...... YES!!! I bet you I will 100% go! I am always down for traveling to locations that are out of state too! Are you going on a vacation soon and think that just maybe an EPIC location for your engagement photos?!?! Ask away and I will make it work for you guys!!! I LOVE to travel!!!

Hope all this information helps a bit and don't forget! Reach out to me for ANYTHING!